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Calendar was introduced into Japan 1500 years ago. It is said that Seven Day for A Week was introduced by the Great Master of Hongfa.
The calendar wisdom grown from a long history has sublimated our culture through a variety of uses and purposes and is also deeply embedded in our life.
We feel so honored and happy to be involved in the work of calendar with a history of 1500 years.
We will always stand on the customer's perspective in the future, and will keep learning for the purpose of creating excellent products.

Representative Director : Wang Lei
Trade name KOYOMIX CO.,LTD.
Establishment year Ooctober, 2015
Representative name Representative Director : Wang Lei
Capital fund JPY 5,000,000
Scope of business Planning, design, production and sales of wall hanging type calendar, desk calendar,
envelop and other printed material.
Head office Address : 1-7-15 Shimanouchi,Higashiosaka-shi, Osaka,578-0981, Japan
Telephone number : +81(72)9601510
Fax number : +81(72)9601511
Dalian factory Address : Daheishi Ganjingzi District,Dalian,China
Telephone number : +86(411)86701820
Fax number : +86(411)86701830
Mail(consultation) info@koyomix.com
URL http://koyomix.com/